Peace of Mind & Security
Realtime off-site storage:
We take key pieces of each video and store them on our servers for you immediately. If your VVR is damaged or stolen, you'll be able to see what your cameras saw just before it happened.

Configurable alerting:
Set up custom alerts to email you when motion is detected where there shouldn't be. Configure a weekly schedule for when your business is closed, or add a one-time event for a vacation.

End-to-end Encryption:
Your VVR connects securely to our infrastructure using industry-standard encryption technologies. When you log in to your Visodence web portal, your credentials are always sent in a secure channel.
Resolution: 4CIF (or more)
Frames Per Second (FPS): 30*
What does this mean to me?
DVD quality video so you don't miss the details. Watch a sample, another, or view it on your iPhone.
What's the catch?
We never compromise on quality, ever. Even our entry-level solution records at DVD-quality resolution (15 FPS). Our other units record at 30 FPS, and at least 4CIF, if not higher. We have digital cameras that record at 5MP or above!

Upgrade existing solutions:
Already have a standard security system in place? Want the benefits of a VVR? No problem. VVR's work with almost all analog, and many IP-based, security cameras.
Flexible, Affordable and Expandable
Decide how many cameras you'll need and how long you'll store the video and we'll show you which VVR best suits your needs. Contact us for a quote!

Securing multiple sites?
Every VVR you purchase will appear under your account once you log in. Group VVR's by site and assign names to the cameras for simplicity.

Grant access to multiple people:
Your master account will permit you to create accounts under your control that can view one, some or all of your cameras. Simply create the account and select which cameras it should have access to.

Larger installations?
We'll work with you to design a solution to suit your needs.
Video Surveillance. Simplified.

If you're familiar with DVR technology, then you already know some of the basic features of a VVR (video recording, playback, live monitoring). Beyond these basic features, a VVR also provides:
  • Configurable alerting.
  • Realtime offsite storage of events.
  • One interface for multiple VVR's.
  • Powerful searching of events.
  • Access control for multiple accounts down to the camera.
  • And more...
Once you have your Visodence Video Recorder (VVR for short), don't bother looking for a wordy instruction manual. Instead:
  1. Unpack your VVR (and cameras).
  2. Connect power, internet, and camera cables.
  3. Relax. You're up and running.
Want to view the live feed or pre-recorded events? Just come to this webpage from anywhere, click "Login" in the upper-left-hand corner and drag & drop the camera(s) you want to view.
Away from home? Have access to a computer on the internet? That's all you'll need with Visodence. No need to worry about proprietary software.

Oh.. and don't forget affordable, too. Sound interesting? Keep reading for more...